Friday, November 09, 2007

Simon's Coffee

Simon's Coffee

I found myself in Cambridge, Massachusetts last week and since I'd heard good things about Simon's Coffee from Jay Caragay, I hiked over to check it out. When I say "hiked," I mean it literally, since I know nothing about the Boston/Cambridge area and walked approximately 3 miles from the MIT subway stop to Simon's. Little did I know, a convenient stop was only a few hundred yards from my destination, but I could afford to lose some weight anyway and isn't it supposed to be all about the journey?

Simon's uses coffee from George Howell's company, Terroir. George is one of the good guys in the coffee business and true to his company's name, wants you to know the land from where his coffee comes. I ordered a single espresso and the staff informed me that they didn't do espresso "to-go" (not that I would ever think of doing such a thing). The barista did his thing and passed me the warm demitasse over the bar. The mottled mahogany crema released a wonderful aroma that covered my palate with tastes of leather and tobacco, ending in a slightly floral finish. The body was slightly thinner than I prefer, but overall, it was a very good espresso.

The next time I'm in Boston, I know where I'm getting my coffee!

Simon's Coffee Shop
1736 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA